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Celebrities React To XXXTentacion’s Death

Around the world, people are crying their hearts out for the untimely death of South Florida rapper #XXXTentacion. So many people were affected by his music.
Celebrities like Kanye West said, “I never told you how much you inspired me”. J. Cole tweeted “enormous talent and limitless potential”. Erykah Badu called him her “lil patna.” Lil Duval captioned his RIP post with this stifling message “If you really listened to his music, you’d know he kinda knew he wasn’t going to live long… It’s really a cry for help from this generation.” All across social media people are posting how creative he truly was and showing that he was bringing a positive light to this generation.
What was your favorite thing about the fallen rapper? Leave your comments below. #RIPXXXTentacion

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  1. Nothing but truth

    This the same nigga who beat and strangled his pregnant gf some niggas need one to the head some niggas need two

    • Yes, this is the same man that did all that to his pregnant girlfriend and because of him being murdered everyone wants to quickly forget that part and talking about what an inspiration he was. SMDH bandwagon MFer’s, how is this dudes death bringing light to anything? Did Dolla’s death in 2009 bring light to this generation? GTFOH with all this sadness! Will people stop making trap/mumble rap? Will positive rap lyrics start to trend? If not then nothing has changed!!!

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