Chance The Rapper Grills Ebro For Not Including Him On His Top 50 Rappers List: “I’m Top 5, And I’m Definitely Not 5”

Chance The Rapper talks not making Ebro’s top five rappers list: “N***a, I’m top five.”

Chance sat down with Hot 97 and while there discussed his debut album ‘The Big Day.’ The 26-year-old opened up about featuring Nicki Minaj on the album, and the significance of the album cover. Later in the interview Chance also opened up about his thoughts on the recent top 50 rappers lists that have been floating around on the internet.

“Let’s talk rappers, these top 50 lists went around people were pissed, people loved, people hated,” Ebro said at the 5:15 point of the interview. “Did you put me on your list? I know you put out a list,” Chance asked. “Nah you didn’t make top 50 yet,” Ebro replied. Chance, seemingly shocked, said, “You didn’t put me on your top 50 list?! N***a what? Top 50? I’m not top 50?”

With a laugh, Chance said, “N***a, I’m top five. And I’m definitely not five.” Everyone in the studio began laughing as Chance went on to criticize Ebro on his list. “Just know I looked at your list and I was like, ‘Man, all these people are hating on it I’m sure he has me on it why would they hate?’ I didn’t know that you didn’t put me on there and that’s why everybody was hating on it,” he said lightheartedly.

Chance also went into detail about his proposal and marriage to his now-wife #KirstenCorley. “I proposed to her at my grandmother’s house,” he said. “Which is where a lot us were raised at…. Crazy enough, one of my uncle’s passed away—my uncle Kirk, my dad’s younger brother, a month and a half ago—and he passed away at that house…. I feel like had I not proposed there and shot my album cover there, that could have been like the main remnant on our minds of what that house represents.”

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