Chief Keef Admits To Having 9 Children, After One Of His Baby Mamas Attempted To Get Him Arrested For Not Paying Child Support

Chief Keef has been doing a fairly decent job staying out of the spotlight as of late, but after one of his children’s mothers demanded he go to jail for failure to satisfy his child support requirements, Keef had to admit to the court why.

The Chicago rapper told the judge that he has four more children, in addition to the five already known by the court, which Keef kept secret. The five children he already pays support for all have different mothers and will each receive $564 a month starting next month. The four additional children also each have different mothers, and you guessed it…have to collect child support too. A grand total of 9 children to support.

However, the bigger issue is that Keef only makes roughly $9k a month and lists that he has about $9k in monthly expenses. So simple subtraction would leave many to believe Keef can’t even afford one child at the moment.

According to #TMZ, all 4 of the recently revealed kids are under the age of 5. #ChiefKeef had his first child at 16 and is now 23.

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