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Chris Brown’s Friend On D.A.’s Radar Over Rape Allegations

A friend of Chris Brown’s is officially under review by the L.A. County District Attorney over claims of rape. However, according to TMZ, the evidence is thin.

Earlier this month, a woman, identified as Jane Doe, filed a lawsuit against Brown, claiming she was raped at his house by his friend, Lowell Grissom Jr., and forced to perform oral on a female friend who was reportedly menstruating.



Following the incident, Doe reported it to the police, which prompted an investigation. However, after the investigation was complete, the results were inconclusive, as they were unable to prove if the sex was consensual or forced.



Now though, according to TMZ, the L.A. County District Attorney is looking into the accused to make a final decision on charges. In the meantime, Grissom has denied the allegations.

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