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Chrisette Michele vs. Kanye West: The People’s Choice

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In the new generation of technology, media, and news, the Internet plays the selective role of choosing which news is important, who’s the victim or who’s the villain.


For example, do you ever wonder why society was fed up when gospel singer and songwriter, #ChrisetteMichele, who performed at the inaugural ball for President Donald Trump, but when #KanyeWest openly supported the president he is given a ball of “oh that’s just Kanye” excuses?



If you recall, the Grammy-award winning songstress lost fans, followers and a business opportunity with legendary film director, #SpikeLee. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Chrisette said, “The black community dropped me,” she continued, “if social media wanted to pull me down I guess they succeeded.” This also came in lieu of her being dropped from the record label after completing her entire album. Things got so bad for Chrisette, that she admitted she thought several times about suicide.



Meanwhile, the backlash the Chicago rapper and entrepreneur received wasn’t nearly as bad. Aside from losing the support of mega stars like #ChrisBrown, #KendrickLamar, #ArianaGrande and #Rihanna, there has been no fiscal or financial damage to West’s career or clothing line. (And he even went as far as calling President Trump his brother).



On the other hand, is Kanye’s want for free thought an attempt to be “big and white.” The “big and white” reference comes from a 2014 poem written by #ChildishGambino about freedom. When the color of your skin automatically gives negative connotation, the desire to have a clean slate and work without prejudice is found in white privilege. Think about the successful businessmen Kanye frequently mentions #SteveJobs, #WaltDisney, #BillGates and more. (swipe for ”big and white” reference)

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