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Cleveland Browns Coach Turns Losing Streak Jump Into A Charitable Moment

After the Cleveland Browns  1-15 losing season a couple of years back, the coach vowed that if the next season wasn’t better than fans could “find him swimming in the lake”. Unfortunately, in 2017, the Browns went for a winless season and Jackson announced that year that he would be keeping his word.  On June 1st, Jackson will jump into Lake Erie at a private event only attended by members of the organization. Jackson has turned the team’s losing streak into an opportunity for positivity.

For each person that jumps in Lake Erie, $100 will be donated to Jackson’s charitable organization, The Hue Jackson Foundation, to fight human trafficking.   Jackson announced, ”Fortunately I’m not going alone.  Many members of the Browns organization have agreed to jump with me.  My goal is to get $15,000.”

Jackson ended with this optimistic statement, “We are working toward making 2018 a much better year for the Cleveland Browns, and I’m hoping to also cleanse ourselves of all the losing for the past two seasons by jumping in.” They will release a video of the event on social media after it takes place.

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