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Colin Kaepernick’s Legal Team To Subpoena Donald Trump In Collusion Case Against The NFL

As part of Colin Kaepernick’s grievance case against the NFL, the free agent’s legal team will reportedly seek federal subpoenas in an attempt to compel testimony from Donald Trump, Mike Pence and others who have knowledge of Trump’s stance on the National Anthem protests. 

Last year, Kaepernick filed a grievance against NFL owners for collusion. According to reports, Kaepernick alleged that the team owners worked together to keep him out of the league because of his protests, rather than his ability to play the game. 

Now, in Kaepernick’s effort to prove NFL owners colluded to keep him out of the league, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s lawyers are looking to get everyone’s side of the story, including Trump’s. 



According to Sports Illustrated, more than a dozen people have been deposed in the case, some of whom are believed to have spoken directly to Trump about players kneeling during the national anthem. In fact, sources say that those conversations and any pressure Trump put on the league will be the focal point of the subpoenas. 



Trump and Pence “engaged in various public relations stunts designed to retaliate against Mr. Kaepernick and other players that have joined in Kaepernick’s peaceful protest,” the grievance read, calling Trump “an organizing force in the collusion among team owners in their conduct towards” Kaepernick.

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