Concert Goer Tries To Jack Travis Scott’s Kicks & Gets Spit On (Video) – blogged by @niksofly

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Well, maybe it is. According to Sneakernews.com, Travis Scott spits on a guy that attempted to steal his Yeezy Boost 350.  I don’t know if I would spit on a thief as I find the act to be very degrading and grotesque. However, I do know I might be willing to gift the thief with the fade.  How disrespectful must one be to blatantly steal something in broad daylight? The gaul of that individual is off the scale. I just wonder how far did the individual think he was going to get if he had successfully jacked Scott. What was that escape route looking like in the arena? I couldn’t see one. He would have just been stealing to say he stole something from Scott because he couldn’t have possibly thought he was going to make it out with them.  In the video you can hear Scott yell “Come here b!tch” and instruct the crowd to the “F!ck him (the perp) up” repeatedly. You can also see Scott hurling a loogie into the crowd. ( Ewww …the germs).

Some of the chatter I keep hearing is that Travis Scott needs to control himself. Maybe he does, but what about the other parties involved? Earlier this year, someone tried to steal his chain.  Let’s be real. No one is going to be a happy camper when individuals are violating you. OAN: Where is his security? I’d have to up my security if people keep attempting to jack me.

Check the video below…

-Niko Rose

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