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Conor McGregor Could Face Lawsuit That Would ‘Destroy His Life’ if He Uses MMA Moves against Floyd Mayweather


In about six weeks, Conor McGregor will officially transition from UFC to Boxing in a match against Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. In preparation for the fight, UFC President Dana White laid down the ground rules for the match, warning McGregor to refrain from using MMA moves in the ring.

According to reports, White said the use of MMA moves will not be tolerated during the match. In fact, White said there’s a clause in McGregor’s contract that threatens significant punishment, if he tried.

“He would have a lawsuit against him that would destroy Conor’s life, and Mayweather would win. It absolutely cannot happen. He would be sued beyond belief if he does anything but hit Floyd Mayweather with his hands to the head and body.”

However, when asked about the use of his MMA moves during the fight, McGregor simply said, “We’ll see on the night.”

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  1. I hope Floyd hits him so hard he forgets about this and pulls out a few moves. Would make for an interesting fight in the ring and the legal battle that would take place after would be good too!

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