Cynthia Bailey Talks Mending Friendship With NeNe Leakes: “I’m All About Healthy Relationships and Friendships”

On Sunday, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” aired its season finale, which, in turn, exposed the lies that led to the fall out between longtime friends and RHOA veterans, Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey. 

Just weeks before the finale aired, Leakes took to Instagram Live to divulge the status of her friendship with Bailey, or lack thereof. 

“Cynthia done a lot of stuff in my opinion, [that’s] on the down low and very sneaky and underhanded,” Leakes said in her 12-minute rant. “I’m just telling you the truth. I always just tell you like it is. You don’t like it, you don’t like it, and you can just figure it out when you figure it out.” 

As she continued, she called Bailey out for her lies and explained it would all make sense after the finale, saying, “Cynthia did something in the finale that just doesn’t work for me. You won’t see everything, but I think you will get the point.” 

Weeks later, the episode aired and showed Bailey lied about Kenya Moore’s appearance on the show. In the incident, Bailey reportedly planned to allow Moore to attend her launch event but failed to tell Leakes about the plan. Instead, she seemingly conspired with other castmates to make it work without Leakes’ knowledge. When Leakes confronted her about it, Bailey acted like she had no idea – the problem is, one of the castmates was micc’d up when Bailey tried to cover her tracks. So, when Leakes watched the episode earlier this month, that’s when she pulled the plug on her friendship with Bailey. 

But now, it appears there may be a chance to mend the relationship, according to Bailey. The model-turned-reality star chopped it up with Baller Alert, and opened up about the possibility, saying, “Never say never. Won’t be next week. I think space is good. I’m all about healthy relationships and friendships.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bailey also shared advice for those with dreams of becoming a housewife, saying, “Think about it real hard first. It’s been nine years for me on the show; it’s not like the first season. Everyone’s not about that life, but if you think you got what it takes..come on.” 

“Everyone brings what they bring; I bring class, I bring integrity, I bring love,” she said.

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