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Father Suing Black Lives Matter Over Cop Son Who Died In Dallas


Enrique Zamarripa, the father of Officer Patrick Zamarripa, feels Black Lives Matter caused his son’s death.


Officer Zamarripa was one of the five police officers shot and killed in Dallas by Micah Xavier Johnson during an organized protest against the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille.


Enrique Zamarripa filed a 43-page lawsuit in U.S. District Court on Monday, seeking damages of up to $550 million. In the suit he placed blame on Black Lives Matter. “While Defendant Black Lives Matter claims to combat anti-black racism,” the lawsuit said, “the movement has in fact incited and committed further violence, severe bodily injury and death against police officers of all races and ethnicities, Jews, and Caucasians. Defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang.”


Zamarripa may run into some trouble attempting to sue a movement, especially for $550 million. Not only that, on several occasions it has been documented that Micah Xavier Johnson, a military veteran, was not affiliated with Black Lives Matter in anyway. In fact, there are videos of Johnson attesting to this fact.

“I want justice for my son,” said Zamarripa. “He served three tours in Iraq, he protected his country, and he protected everybody. And he gave up his life doing that. When people were running away from the gunshots, he was running toward them.”
Our condolences to the Zamarripa family but you can’t really sue a movement for someone who isn’t affiliated with them simply based on the color of his skin. If that’s the case, Johnson was a veteran, you should sue the military for not making sure his mental health was stable post active-duty.


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  1. he can please fuck off with the quickness because this is absurd. you want justice for your son that is a part of a gang of wolves hiding as sheep showing their true colors? should’ve told him to pick a better career path. fucking asshole.

  2. Sure he can get his check after black people get the reparation promised!

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