Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Will Not Take Any More Questions About the NFL’s National Anthem Policy

After fanning the flames of the national anthem controversy fire, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is finally backing away from the subject. 

On Sunday, Cowboys public relations official told local media outlets that Jones would no longer be answering questions about the anthem, due to a new NFL policy that was implemented last week.

Just one day before Jones shared his controversial position about the silent protests, and announced his refusal to support those who exercised their right to do so, the league released a letter to its owners, encouraging them to avoid the anthem. 

The letter came after the league put a hold on its new protest policy, which would require players on the sideline to stand for the anthem and those who refused would remain in the locker room.

However, despite the policy freeze as well as the forewarning, Jones still took to a news conference the next day to put his players, as well as fans, on notice that he expected the team to stand for the anthem with their “toe on the line.” In turn, Jones’ star players defended his position, and confirmed the team’s plan to stand. 

Despite the players’ defense, Jones received widespread criticism for seemingly intimating his players to follow his lead. But now, in the wake of the subsequent firestorm, it appears he is ready to fall in line and follow the rules.

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