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Dame Dash Drops $5 Million Lawsuit Against Lee Daniels Over Richard Pryor Biopic

Dame Dash has officially ended his legal battle against Lee Daniels over a Richard Pryor biopic, in fact, it appears the music mogul may have finally received the cash he originally sued for. 

Back in June, Dash filed a lawsuit against Daniels for breach of contract in dealings surrounding the Pryor film that the two agreed to work on, together. In the docs, Dash claimed Daniels agreed to give the mogul a co-executive producing credit on the project, in addition to 5% of Daniels’ profits on the back end. 

However, as things progressed with the project, Dash said Daniels did not keep up his part of the agreement and felt the lack of communication between the two was a clear breach of contract. So he sued.

In the $5 million lawsuit, Dash also accused the director of trying to change the settlement agreement through “threats of criminal prosecution.” 

According to The Blast, the lawsuit came just four years after Dash filed a $25 million lawsuit over ownership rights to “Precious,” “The Butler,” and the television show, “Empire.” In those docs, Dash claimed he loaned the director $2 million in ’04 in exchange for the rights. 

However, after a few years passed without pay or reimbursement, Dash pressed Daniels at a Diana Ross concert and recorded the interaction, which ended with Daniels promising to repay the man. But now, after years of back and forth, the two have put an end to their legal dispute. 

“No person has an interest in the subject matter of the action,” the legal docs said. “Claims and cross-claims, be, and the same hereby is discontinued, with prejudice, as against both Defendants Lee Daniels and Lee Daniels Entertainment, Ltd.” 

Now, both parties will pay their own legal fees, and the suit cannot be refiled.

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