Dame Dash Wants A Restraining Order Against Hairstylist For Harassing Him And His Family, But A Judge Already Granted Hairstylist A Restraining Order Against Dash

Earlier this month, former hip-hop mogul, Dame Dash, filed to obtain a restraining order against hairstylist and ex-acquaintance, Patrice Miner. In the docs, Dash demanded a judge grant him the order because Miner had been allegedly harassing his family. However, Miner was already granted a TRO Against Dash, in which she claimed Dash threatened her life, amongst other allegations.

But now, Dame wants Patrice ordered to stay 30 yards away from not only himself but also his fiance Raquel Horn and his 10-year-old daughter, Tallulah. 

According to The Blast, Miner is subleasing commercial space to Dash. But he claimed she has harassed him and his family on numerous occasions, including one incident where he says he threw his daughter a Halloween party at the space and Miner showed up uninvited and caused a scene. He said his family feared for their safety. He accused Miner of being, “addicted to drugs and alcohol and her judgment is impaired which is causing her to act irrationally and violently.”

Dash called her a “con artist and a fraud and her false restraining order against me is part of her schema (sic) to defraud me out of thousands of dollars.” According to TMZ, he said he‘s suing her for defamation and wants a restraining order because he fears she will continue the harassment and/or will file a false police report against him.

On the other hand, Miner’s TRO against Dash is because she claims he recently came into her store, walked up to her and “threatened her life,” allegedly grabbed a customer and threw him out of the shop before telling her she was “so lucky” there were people there and because he “yelled and screamed” and called her an idiot “in front of guests and customers.”

Sounds like they both need to listen and take heed to Lil Duval’s lyrics and stop going back and forth with each other.

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