Dan Le Batard Shuts Down Racist Who Comes For Papi

dan le batard

Dan Le Batard hosts ESPN’s hilarious sports/pop culture show, Highly Questionable, alongside Bomani Jones and his father Gonzalo Le Batard, affectionately known as “Papi.”  The show is a favorite amongst sports lovers and non-sports lovers alike, especially when Papi raps along to hip hop music with his heavy Cuban accent. While Papi is a favorite of many viewers, there are always internet trolls who get a little keyboard courage and cross the line.


On Le Batard’s radio show, The Dan Le Batard Show, he addressed a message he received from a Twitter troll.

“A tweeter writes in, ‘Hey, fat face, can you teach your father English please?'” Le Batard said.  He quickly defended his hardworking father with pure facts.


“That one happens all the time,” said Le Batard.  “My father came to this country not speaking any English. He’s got a Master’s degree in industrial engineering. He is doing television and radio with me in his second language. He’s smarter than you are.”


In other words, don’t come for Papi if he didn’t send for you.


It’s amazing the amount of courage people have behind a computer. I’m always delighted to see all of the things people will say behind a keyboard, but would never dare say to your face. It’s sad that people dedicate their time to being negative to someone who is making an honest living and minding their own business. This is why parents have to hug their children. They’re growing up all weird.


Anyway, check out some awesome moments from Papi below.

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