Dave Chappelle Talks Kanye West’s Antics With CNN: “I Just Trust Him As A Person of Intent. But, He Shouldn’t Say All That Sh*t” 

In an interview with CNN, taped last week and set to air on Saturday, comedian Dave Chappelle sat down with Van Jones and 2018 Democratic Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous to discuss the current political climate. 

As part of the discussion, Chappelle divulged about #KanyeWest’s antics and most recent political rants – excluding the rapper’s recent controversial lunch date with #DonaldTrump. 

Although Chappelle expressed his support for West despite his outlandish statements, he did say the rapper “shouldn’t say all that sh*t,” aligning himself with the Celebrity-In-Chief. 

“First of all, you know, Kanye’s the artist, man,” Chappelle said, in the previously recorded interview. “And he’s a genius.” 

“I think the angle he’s seeing things from is about the division that he sees. And — and he’s not inconsistent with what he’s saying,” Chappelle continued, referencing West’s thought to reappropriating the Confederate flag. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“I’m not mad at Kanye,” he said. “That’s my brother — I love him, I support him. But, you know, I don’t have to agree with everything that he says …I just trust him as a person of intent. But yeah, he shouldn’t say all that sh*t.” 

As the comedian continued, he predicted the after effects of Trump’s presidency to be the most damaging. 

“The thing that’s scary about this presidency is after it,” Chappelle said, according to the publication. “I don’t know if you’ve been married before or had a girlfriend and said something in a fight that was so wrong. And then after that….we’re still family, we’re still around each other.”

“But man, I sure did say all that sh*t, didn’t I?”

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