Daz Dillinger Calls out Kanye West and Kim Kardashian:  “Your Wife Sucked The Whole F*ck*n Industry”

Just five months after Daz Dillinger put out a Crip Alert on Kanye West over his support of Donald Trump, the Long Beach-bred rapper and producer is firing more shots at the Chicago-bred superstar – This time over his support of his own wife. 

After West took to Instagram to address three of his Hollywood peers, including Nick Cannon and Drake, for disrespecting his wife, Dillinger took to the platform to address the “All Mine” rapper, himself. 

“Kanye West….,” Dillinger said. “F*ck you and your b*tch.” 

“That b*tch sucked so much d*ck. She probably ain’t suckin’ your d*ck ‘cause you be on one. But I got a new song coming out. ‘F*ck Kanye.’ Nick Cannon, beat that n*gga ass. You can beat Kanye, you can beat him up.” 

“But Kanye, he’s a bitch ass nigga,” he continued, “and your wife sucked the whole fuckin’ industry. You just got caught up in the mix and your feelings. I know the mama probably got some good ass head ’cause the other sisters suckin’ all niggas dick. I gotta get my hair done so she can suck my dick.”

In the meantime, Cannon has already squashed the short-lived beef with West over his comments about Kim, despite their initial back and forth on Instagram. 

In the meantime, Dillinger may want to slow down with the Yeezy attacks, as he claimed he was previously approached by police after his initial Crip Alert on West. 

What are your thoughts?

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