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De La Soul’s Fight For Their Masters Comes To An End As Tommy Boy Records Cancels Negotiations

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In a fight for the masters to their catalog, De La Soul urges fans not to stream their music as their home label Tommy Boy Records canceled the negotiations surrounding the topic. 

The group announced via Instagram Thursday, August 8; they have been unable to reach an agreement with the label.

“Well friends, after 30 years of profiting from our music and hard work… and after 7 long months of stalled negotiations, we are sad to say that we’ve been unable to reach an agreement and earn Tommy Boy’s respect for our music/legacy. 

With some helpful consulting and long, careful consideration, we’ve decided we will not do our 30+ years the disservice of settling on Tom Silverman’s terms. 

“Tommy Boy says they are ‘not in the business of giving artists back their Masters.’ We realize, there is a process in reclaiming ownership, but we do not trust Tommy Boy in this process after so many years of disappointment,” the group said. “Therefore, our catalog will not see the light of day by way of our involvement or consent. This means if you see De La Soul music/albums available for streaming or purchase anywhere, BE AWARE, all parties involved WILL profit but De La Soul WILL NOT benefit or earn deservedly/fairly. We really tried. More details to come.”

According to Billboard, the negotiations started back in February when the group went public with their problems surrounding their label; also claiming to earn “peanuts” for the music recorded while guest appearing on Sway In the Morning. 

Now, as a result of the failed negotiations, the group asks that fans boycott Tommy Boy Records in solidarity and support by stopping streams and purchases that will only financially benefit the label. 

On Friday, De La Soul went back to Instagram with another statement appearing to feel more positive about the situation due to the large amount of support received. 

“Thank you, friends, and fans. Your kind positive words mean a lot, and your support goes even farther. As frustrating as it is and as crazy as it may sound, your act of NOT purchasing or streaming anything musically De La Soul, falling under the Tommy Boy banner (until further notice) helps us immensely and can possibly aid others experiencing these similar woes. Thank you @nas …thanks Pete @bittenbender and @massappealfor your committed support and promising business relationship.” they said.

“We’re in the stew working on new music and will continue to celebrate this wonderful journey we’ve been blessed to experience. Thank you, @djpremier and @realpeterock for your diligence and support.”

The group also announced they are still working on new music and the proceeds of that will go directly towards the production of more releases, reminding fans the boycott of anything under the Tommy Boy banner continues.

De La Soul Reacts To Tommy Boy
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