Dead Man Found Rolled Up In Red Carpet Outside A Starbucks In Harlem

The body of an unidentified man was found rolled up inside a red carpet that was discarded outside of a Harlem Starbucks early Thursday morning, police said.

A passerby made the gruesome discovery after noticing two feet sticking out of the carpet outside the coffee chain located on the corner of West 145th Street and Frederick Douglass, just before 6.AM.

The witness quickly notified police who found the man was unconscious and unresponsive. Medics responded to the scene and pronounced the man dead.

According to the NY Post, authorities stated the man, who is thought to be between 20-30 years old, was found clothed and did not have any signs of trauma. Police believe he was killed elsewhere and later dumped at that location.

The medical examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine how the man died as the investigation is ongoing.

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