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Dear F*ck Boy, F*ck You!

Fuck Boy

Dear F*CK Boy,

F*ck you, your “ain’t sh*t” father, your whore of a mother, and the rest of the “As Is”  bum bitches in your family. I would say something about your pissy grandmother, but she makes a mean buttermilk pie and although she has Alzheimer’s, she remembers me. Anyway, it amazes me that you intentionally seek good women for the sole purpose of f*cking them over. You never get a b*tch that’s full of shhh like you, do you? It’s too much for you, right?

Oh, how I want to go in your grill and reconfigure your smile. I can not
fathom a more gratifying action. Even though I’m beyond angry, resoundingly the blame rests on me. You were able  to f*ck me over because I allowed you.  I pretended to not see the signs, excusing your behavior as nothing when it was everything. After I caught you in the first lie, I still believed you. I bought the wolf and then turned around and gave you the currency to invest in the dream.

Yes, I am beyond angry, and while I would like to either carry your ass on my taxes for next year or be reimbursed, I must thank you for the experience. You taught me so many valuable lessons like don’t trust a man’s mouth or his actions. Trust his consistency. Every dude doesn’t deserve all of me. As much as I would like to help and make life easier, you’re a man. Figure the shhh out. My job isn’t to hold you down or ensure you’re good. Thanks to you, I know that the “cousin” is really a side chick you’ve been smashing. I have to be careful with the term “friend” and that a hungry whore will do anything. It means absolutely nothing that we spend every free second together because your b*tch ass will still entertain the very females you say you’d never talk to. You’re right, you don’t talk to them, you just screw them.

My heart may have been ripped out of my chest, but I learned a million dollar lesson for cheap and for that, I thank you. I did walk away with some trust issues. Yes, I’m guarded. However you did not win because I’m not changing who I am because of the bullsh*t you did. I refuse to become bitter and make men pay for your screw up nor will I go and sleep with your friend like you did me. What I will do is heal.  I will do is focus on me and me alone. You can have the bullsh*t and the weight of being vindictive. The sweetest revenge is leaving you alone and progressing. So on that note F*CK You.


Warmest Regards,


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