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Dennis Rodman Accused Of Slapping Man At Birthday Party

What did the five fingers say to the face? Ask the guy who alleges Dennis Rodman slapped him during Rodman’s Birthday Party in Delray Beach, FL.

Jeff Soulouque told Delray Beach Police that he was attending Rodman’s party at Buddha Sky Bar last month when Rodman “unprovokedly turned around and smacked him.” Soulouque said Rodman immediately apologized afterwards and to make amends, invited him out to dinner the next evening. 

However, Soulouque was reportedly in so much pain that he checked himself into a local hospital where he was diagnosed with a left corneal abrasion. He then decided to file a police report on May 18th.

Witness, David Lee Roth, corroborated the alleged victim’s story in a police report that read, “Roth stated he was about twenty feet away and he saw Rodman turn around, and open hand smack Soulouque two times.” Investigators are looking into obtaining  surveillance footage of the evening to see  whether or not Soulouque is being truthful about the assault.

Rodman’s attorney told TMZ Sports that his client is innocent. “I’ve spoken with people who were with Dennis the entire night of the alleged incident at Buddha Sky Bar,” he said. “No one saw any such incident occur and Dennis was sober the entire night. Currently, the matter is in its preliminary stages, but we fully expect after a thorough investigation that no such incident will be substantiated. Dennis denies any such incident occurred.”

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