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Derrick Rose Explains Going AWOL Before Knicks Game Against Pelicans

Derrick Rose gave fans quite a scare Monday night when he did not show up for the Knicks game against the Pelicans. It was reported that his team mates had not seen him since shoot around earlier in the day, and that he did not call anyone to let anyone know where he was. Knicks personnel was also unable to reach Rose by phone in the hours leading up to the game.  It was then reported that he had possibly gone to Chicago to deal with “a family situation.” Cryptic comments from Coach Hornacek did not make matters any better.


Rose resurfaced at practice on Tuesday and was asked about his no-call-no-show Monday night. Rose tells the media that his absence was a family issue and had nothing to do with the team or basketball.


“I just had to get to my family,” Rose tells reporters. “I talked to [The Knicks] afterwords, everyone is on the same page. They understood right away. Things happen.”


Rose also said that he did not want to distract from the team and that this is out of his character, but he just had to be with his family right away.


It’s still unclear what exactly was going on with Rose’s family, but we wish them all the best.



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