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Detectives are Calling Jam Master Jay Death a “Cold Case”

Master Jay

On Monday, we remembered Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay, who was shot to death in a Queens, New York studio 15 years ago. Now, New York detectives are classifying the case as a “cold case.”

The killer of Jam Master Jay, whose real name is Jason Mizzell, is still on the loose and remains a mystery. Authorities are hoping for answers from the public.

“It’s not resolved to the legal eye, but the street always talks,” said Jeremy “JL” Lam, a family friend of Jam Master Jay.

But Jay’s cousin Ryan Mizzell feels otherwise, saying he doesn’t think witnesses will speak out because they “could go to jail as accomplices.”

Jay’s life was taken 15 years ago on Oct. 30th 2002, when two armed men were let into the studio where Jay was. Jay hugged one of the men and shots were fired, according to police reports. The first round missed Jay but the second struck him in his head at point-blank range. The men disappeared after that.


There has been much speculation as well as many theories that have formed from the incident. Some believe Jay owed someone money and his death was the result of an unpaid due. Jay was reportedly deep in debt at the time of his death.

At least four others were there in the studio at the time of the shooting but no one gave officials enough information to build a thorough investigation and lead on suspects. The surveillance camera in the studio was broken.

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