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Disney World May ‘Silence’ Trump In Hall Of Presidents Attraction

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The Hall of Presidents attraction has been a staple at Disney World for almost 46 years and until Donald Trump, there was never really too much controversy surrounding it. Multiple petitions have been created online in attempts to get Disney to exclude #45 altogether but it seems Disney World is trying to find a solution in the middle ground.

According to Motherboard, a source close to Walt Disney Imagineering says that they may choose to keep the animatronic version of Trump from speaking. Starting with the addition of Bill Clinton in 1993, all of the modern Presidents have been included giving speeches (alongside George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) – but this trend could be coming to an end.

“Given how polarizing the president is right now, Disney Parks & Resorts is currently trying to find a solution that approaches middle ground. They want to include our 45th commander-in-chief in this 45-year-old theme park attraction, while at the same time, not seem to endorse or support some of Trump’s more controversial policies.”

The source says Disney Imagineers, like most of us, weren’t prepared for this scenario. They had already begun conversations last Fall about creating Hillary’s figure, including which pantsuit she should wear. “No one was giving any serious thought to it being Trump.”

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