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Dj Khaled Claims He Was Scammed Out Of His Money In Lawsuit Against Jewelry Company

DJ Khaled and jeweler Rafaello & Company have been going back and forth in a lawsuit since 2015, and now Khaled claims he was scammed out of his money.

Khaled says he’s a victim of jewelry conspiracy, which he alleges the company used fake appraisals to make him think he was getting a good deal on jewelry, but in reality, he ended up paying more money.

Back in 2015, the company sued the music producer claiming he never returned two Rolex watches, a custom-made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and a 4-carat diamond ring, according to The Blast. Rafaello says Khaled agreed to either return the jewelry in 15 days or buy them, which Rafaello says Khaled skipped out on both options.
A year later, Khaled countersued the jeweler claiming the company had been overcharging him for at least six years on items he bought for others as well as himself. In one example, Khaled claims he bought a chain for $110,000 and was given an appraisal certificate for $240,000, which he claims were “false and fraudulent.”
Khaled filed documents last week saying the company allegedly worked with an appraiser to commit fraud against him. However, Rafaello says he works with The American Board of Certified Gemologists (ABCG). Khaled claims that’s a lie and that ABCG isn’t certified and has been “illegally representing itself as a ‘certified board,’ which it was not.”
Khaled is adding a count of conspiracy to commit to fraud to his countersuit. The case is still going.

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