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Does Jaguars Marcedes Lewis Have TWO Secret Children?

Secret babies go with Ballers like peanut butter and jelly . It appears that yet another NFL player could have secret spawn that he refuses to claim. Shocking, I know! The real kicker is that there’s not only a rumored 4 year old in question, but also a newborn. 

Via All West Everything

Late last year, we reported that Marcedes Lewis fathered a son with porn star Savannah Stern (real name Kristen Grinnell) and he’s still been pretty quiet about that.

We already knew about his daughter 4-year old daughter, Londyn Lewis (pictured above), who he’s been pretty open about and appears to be a doting dad.

Well, Lewis also has another 4-year-old daughter named “Bella” by his college sweetheart, Es Forbes. According to her IG, Es isn’t just the typical girl with a famous baby daddy who’s waiting on a check. Her bio on Instagram says that she has “four degrees” and works as a “Registered Nurse- RN/BSN. Gerontologist. Certified Nutritional Therapist”. Whoa.

 The 27-year-old singer mother has pictures with her daughter who’s a spitting image of her mom and dad. He couldn’t deny her if he wanted to.

We’ve searched pretty much everywhere and found no mention of Marcedes or his daughter Bella. Word on these L.A streets is that his communication with his 4-year-old is pretty much non-existent.  We’ve also learned that he may have fathered yet another child with a stripper in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Including his alleged newest child, that would make Marcedes a father of 4 —with him only publicly claiming one. Now, we’re not sure if Bella’s mother–or any of the other mothers– didn’t want her in the public eye or not, but I couldn’t imagine how they feel.

Below are the photos of his son and daughter in question. 

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