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Donald Trump Goes On A Tyrant Rant At Michigan Rally, Uses Profanity And Calls A Congressman “Skinny Pencil Neck”

Donald Trump is at it again, delivering another disrespectful rant at a MAGA rally. This time, in Grand Rapids, Michigan; hours after his wife Melania Trump tweeted her latest #BeBest anti-bullying awareness campaign post on her Twitter.

Melania expressed to children earlier that day that education should include “a firm foundation for understanding our own feelings & those of our peers.” But apparently, her husband wasn’t briefed on that message prior to his Michigan rally,  where he attacked Congressman Adam Schiff, mocked Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and bashed the media. 

Throughout his speech, Trump repeatedly dismissed the Russia investigation as a “hoax” and called California Congressman Adam Schiff “pencil neck.”

“So, the Russia hoax proves more than ever that we need to finish exactly what we came here to do. Drain the swamp!” he said. “Little pencil neck, Adam Schiff. He has the smallest, thinnest neck I have ever seen. He is not a long-ball hitter,” he later added of Schiff.

In usual fashion, the crowd got worked up over Trump’s rhetoric and began chanting “Lock Them Up” and “AOC sucks” in reference to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has accused Trump’s campaign of collusion. To the collusion allegations, Trump stated, “The collusion delusion is over!”

Trump then fired off at the media, stating, “All of the Democrat politicians, the media bosses, bad people! The crooked journalists, the totally dishonest TV pundits, and by the way, they know it’s not true, they just got great ratings. By the way, their ratings dropped to the floor last night, did you see that?”

“The Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bullsh*t — partisan investigations,” he added. “or whether they will apologize to the American people, and join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, bring down the cost of health care.”

Whose President is this?

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