Donald Trump Lashes Out At 6 Different Prominent Black Women Since The Election

Donald Trump has been letting his frustrations out publicly ever since the #Democrats took House control in the midterm elections. And although he is already being scrutinized for racist rhetoric as of recently, it still seems like black women, ranging from a journalist to the former #FirstLady, are getting the brunt of his frustrations. Trump has questioned their intelligence and even called some of them childish names…to no one’s surprise.

First up, #MichelleObama, who will be releasing her memoir “Becoming” next week, came under attack by Trump for statements she made regarding his “birther” conspiracy theory that falsely claimed her husband was not born in the U.S. Michelle said his allegations put her family at risk and she will never forgive him for that. Trump’s response to CNN was, “I guess she wrote a book, she got paid a lot of money to write a book, and they always insist that you come up with controversial—well, I’ll give you some controversy back.” He then continued on to say he doesn’t forgive #BarackObama for not properly funding the military.

Next up, April Ryan, a veteran White House correspondent, #Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks and CNN contributor, was met with demeaning remarks from Trump after a post-election press conference. He said, “I watch her get up, I mean, you talk about somebody that’s a loser. She doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise, or she gets a contract with, I think, CNN. But she’s very nasty, and she shouldn’t be, she shouldn’t be.”

CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip was the next black woman with power to get a verbal beating from Trump after she asked whether he expects his new acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, to be involved in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. His response: “It’s up to him. Do you want him to reign in Robert Mueller? What a stupid question that is. What a stupid question. But I watch you a lot—you ask a lot of stupid questions.”

Then there’s “PBS NewsHour” White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, who was accused of asking a racist question during a post-election press conference. She asked if his reference to himself as a “nationalist” was in support of white nationalists. Trump responded, “I don’t know why you’d say that—that’s such a #racist question. Honestly, I know you have it written down and you’re going to tell me. Let me tell you, that’s a racist question.” He continued, “Why do I have among the highest poll numbers with African-Americans? I mean, why do I have my highest poll numbers?” However, statistic numbers reflect otherwise.

Then, Brenda Snipes was subliminally dissed by Trump when he spoke about the possibility of a recount in Florida due to voting discrepancies in #BrowardCounty, blaming the Supervisor of Elections. He said, “If you look at Broward County, they have had a horrible history, and if you look at the person—in this case, a woman—involved, she has a horrible history…All of a sudden, they’re finding votes out of nowhere, and #RickScott, who won by, you know, it was close, he won by comfortable margin, every couple of hours it goes down a little bit.” He continued, “She’s been to court, she’s had a lot of problems, she’s lost. I think people have to look at it very, very cautiously.”

Haitian-American Congresswoman, Mia Love was not sparred either, as Trump mocked her after she lost her re-election in Utah, harboring feelings from when Love chose not to embrace him and his administration previously. He didn’t turn off his petty by stating, “Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia.”

While all of the ladies rally behind each other for continued support, it still makes you wonder what’s the reason for the animosity, Donald?

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