Donald Trump Changes Course, Seems Open to Compromise on Obamacare 

donald trump
It has been three nights since the the 45th President of the #UnitedStates has been revealed. Since then, people have protested the decision and questioned the future of the country.
However, in the meantime, the President-elect has backpedaled and taken back some of the outlandish divisive statements he has made during the primary. According to reports, #DonaldTrump has revealed that he is now open to comprising on the future of #Obamacare.
Apparently, the newfound openness to the healthcare Trump promised to repeal, came after the 90-minute meeting the President-elect had with President #BarackObama.
Trump revealed the news in an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal. He said the President urged him to protect parts of the law. Despite Trump’s previous rhetoric, he says he wants to just change a few things, in regards to Obamacare. One, which he revealed in February’s GOP debate, he will keep the forbiddance of discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. In addition, he says he will allow young adults to remain on their parents’ plans.
“Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced,” he said, as he revealed the President encouraged him to reconsider the healthcare. “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.”
Surprisingly, Obamacare wasn’t the only topic Trump changed up on. The President-elect, who lead his campaign with a discriminatory divisive rhetoric, told the publication he wants to bring the country together.
“I want a country that loves each other,” he said.

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