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Don’t Put Out What You Don’t Want Others To Comment On

Have you ever logged onto social media and saw someone post their entire life? “Let me tell y’all. I just caught my boyfriend sleeping with my best friend. How he go cheat on me with his lil d*ck?” Then two days later, she posts how much she loves him and how he’s sent from heaven. Girl bye!

When we log onto social media, you never know what to expect. Nowadays, people are posting their ex’s private parts, text messages, the other woman’s sonogram, and etc. Now, after you have shared everything with the world, you get mad when someone tells you the truth about how dumb you are.

The world wouldn’t comment if you would just keep your personal life to yourself. We wouldn’t know your man’s penis was small if you didn’t tell us. Now that you have taken him back, we’re looking at you crazy. “Damn, I guess his cheating d*ck grew overnight?”

If you are going through situations in your relationship, keep it to yourself or call a friend, preferably one that’s not sleeping with your small d*ck man. But, handle your situation without us.

Now, by all means, if you want our unfiltered opinion, then continue to post. We just want you to understand that although you forgave your lying girlfriend or cheating boyfriend, we haven’t. We are sitting back like, “ Damn he dumb as hell. His girl has cheated on his ass about 20 times and had someone else’s baby but she’s your queen.”

Hell, be dumb on your time. Better yet, just stay off social media.


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