“Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Have The Right To Be Angry. You Don’t Know What He Has Done To Me” Signed Angry Ex

Who are you to tell someone that they cannot be angry, upset, or pissed off? We have all been in a relationship where we have given our all and expected the fairytale outcome. Everything about your relationship seems like a dream come true, especially when that special someone was your high school sweetheart. Everything about him was “perfect” to you in your eyes. At 15 years old, you think you are going to live happily ever after.


By the age of 22, you two are still together trying to hang in there. The two of you have been through it all but still managed to make it work after two breakups. Who would have thought that the third break up was the last straw?


Regardless of how much you love him, you are tired of the unfaithfulness. Your friends and family are telling you how young you two were when you started dating and how he hasn’t had the time to explore. In the back of your mind, you continue to think, “explore what?”


Do you let him go or continue to work at this relationship? You decide to give the relationship a break but as time passes, a break turns into a break up. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years, then you find out that the girl he cheated on you with is now the “Mrs.” WTF? Was I not the one?


You wanted to make it work, so you gave him time to get it together. Every bit of hurt is going through your body. The worst of it all is that your family tells you to let it go and stop being so bitter about the situation.


Who are you to tell someone how to feel? Let them be angry, mad, and pissed off. It’s okay to get it all out because you have that right. No one knows what the two of you have been through or felt the things you have felt.


Your feelings and emotions are just that, yours. Don’t let someone tell you to let your hurt go, because getting over a break up takes time.

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