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Dr. Dre & Magic Johnson Team Up To Bring The Olympics To L.A.

Dr. Dre and Magic Johnson are teaming up with some of their fellow rich & powerful colleagues to place their bid for Los Angeles to host the Olympic games in 2024.


Dr. Dre has been announced as one of the 117 people on the list of current and nominated board of directors on Los Angeles’ Olympic bid team. The list also includes Magic Johnson, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, heads of the Clippers, Dodgers, Rams, Warner Brothers, Disney and several other notable celebrities, athletes and businesses.


“The diverse group of 117 leaders and innovators are drawn from the sports, entertainment, media, technology, higher education, business, philanthropic and public sectors in California and around the world, helping LA 2024 develop a Games plan that will serve the Olympic Movement in 2024 and beyond,” LA 2024 said.


Los Angeles’ only competition is Paris.



If L.A. gets the bid, the games would be held July 19, 2024 to August 4, 2024. This would be the first time an American city hosted the Olympic games since Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. This would also make them the first American city to host the Olympics three times. To make the moment even more historic,  July 28, 2024 would mark the 40th anniversary of Los Angeles’ 1984 Summer Olympics and July 30, 2024, the 92nd anniversary of the city’s 1932 Summer Olympic Games.


IOC members will vote to choose the 2024 host city on September 13. It’s also possible that they will announce the the 2028 Olympics, and it could be  Los Angeles or Paris, whichever city isn’t hosting 2024.

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