Dr. Dre Ordered to Pay His Estranged Wife an Additional $1.55M in Legal Fees

According to Page Six, a judge has ordered Dr. Dre to pay his estranged wife, Nicole Young, over seven figures in legal fees as their bitter divorce case continues in Los Angeles.

This week, the judge ruled that the rapper pay another $1.55M in legal fees.

Nicole’s legal bills will cost an estimated $3 million. Dr. Dre will now be required to pay $1 million toward the remaining balance of her expenses, as well as $550,000 in case-related charges. All of her fees and charges will be covered up until July 2, 2021. However, as the lawsuit progresses, it is unknown what the final bill will be.

Samantha Spector, a well-known celebrity lawyer, says that Young’s fees in the case come close to $4 million. Her legal bill alone may be close to $1,1000 per hour, court documents revealed.

Dre must also pay Nicole $293,306 in monthly temporary spousal support, as previously directed by the judge, as well as household bills such as security, insurance, gardening, taxes, repairs, and maintenance, starting Sept. 1, 2020.

According to the judge’s calculations, this amounts to $3,812,987 in the last year, with the exception that the previously paid living expenses that Dre had already turned over may not have represented all of the home’s costs. The judgment also stated that the parties must meet by the end of the month to discuss any additional fees Dre owes Nicole for household expenses.

It was previously reported that Dre would have to pay Nicole temporary spousal support until she remarries or enters into a domestic relationship.



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