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“Dr. Love” Indicted In Fraud Case After Trying To Scam His Way Into A New Jaguar

Everyone’s favorite faux-gynecologist is back and in trouble again. Florida teen Malachi Love-Robinson made headlines after he was arrested multiple times for practicing medicine without a license. Under the name “Dr. Love,” Robinson illegally worked as a gynecologist, set up a fake practice (with a website),  stole from “patients,” and defraud the elderly.


In September, Robinson was arrested after he tried to purchase a $35k Jaguar with the help of an elderly co-signer who had no idea her identity was being used. Reports say Robinson walked into a Kargar Motors in Virginia to buy the $35,000 luxury car. Robinson said the name listed on his paperwork as his co-signer was his grandmother. Robinson made a few comments that made the dealership employees suspicious, so they googled his name and low and behold Robinson’s sketchy past came up. The employees told Robinson they’d call him back when his credit got approved, but instead they called Robinson back to the dealership to be arrested.


On Wednesday, a Virginia grand jury indicted on charges of making a false statement to obtain credit, attempted identity theft, and attempt to obtain money under false pretense. He’s also facing 14 felony charges in Palm Beach County following his arrest last year.


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