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Drunk Texas Student Disrupts   Transatlantic Flight After Getting Dumped By Girlfriend Via Text

What’s worse than getting dumped via text message?  Having to be stuck on a transatlantic flight with a guy who was recently dumped via text message! 

Passengers who had to endure the journey from London to Dallas with Jeffrey Tanner Libby on December 17, 2018 could tell you first hand. 

The 21-year-old Texas man had recently been dumped via text by his girlfriend, according to his defense attorney Michael Wolkind. 

Police sources explained to the Daily Mirror, that an hour into the flight Libby “became highly intoxicated from drinking Barcardi Rum which he had brought on to the plane himself and was then aggressive and abusive toward members of the cabin crew and other passengers on board.” 

After Libby began speaking increasingly louder and swearing. Passengers reportedly attempted to console Libby and try and keep him calm but he then proceeded to assault two of the passengers and one of the crew members, scratching, striking, spitting and even biting one of the passengers’ fingers.

Due to the altercation, the pilot made the decision to turn the transatlantic flight with almost 200 passengers on board, back around and return to London’s Heathrow airport where Libby was met by police and arrested.

The Fort Worth resident pleaded guilty on December 24th to one count of being drunk aboard an aircraft, one count of using threatening, abusive or insulting words towards the cabin crew and three counts of common assault, police said. 

Libby, a news and media studies major at the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at Texas Christian University, was sentenced to six months in jail for his actions. 

His lawyer requested a suspended sentence, but Judge Robin Johnson rejected the request outright stating: 

“Whether you were drunk when you boarded the plane or you became drunk doesn’t matter,”  the judge said according to the newspaper. “You assaulted a woman for no reason at all.”

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