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The Electoral College Votes Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Members of the Electoral College began voting on Monday at 10am to determine if Donald Trump would officially be named president- elect.


Four electors in Washington state did not vote for Clinton or Trump. Three cast ballots for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one cast a ballot for Faith Spotted Eagle, an activist who was involved in the fight against the Dakota Pipeline.


By 4:30 pm, Donald Trump was nearing the 270 votes needed to secure the presidency. With 43 states voting so far, Trump collected 259 votes to Clinton’s 146.


By the end of the day, it was 36 of Texas’ 38 electors that helped Trump surpass the 270 goal. The other two electors cast their ballot for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.


The final count was 301 electoral votes for Trump, 163 for Hillary Clinton and six for others. The Electoral College results will be officially certified January 6 during a joint session of Congress.


“I’m honored & humbled to be officially elected today as the next Vice President of the United States of America by the Electoral College,” tweeted Mike Pence upon hearing the news.  Donald Trump has yet to tweet.


Not everyone in the building was happy, however. As the Electoral College adjourned, a woman was heard from the gallery yelling, “You just gave us Adolf Hitler!”



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