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Ella Mai Talks Rumored Jacquees Beef Over “Trip,” Alleged Sex Tape And More

Ella Mai sat down with Hot 97 to discuss the rumored beef between her and #Jacquees over his “Trip” remix, her alleged sex tape and more.

It seems Ella Mai is floating on air, the English artist just released her highly-anticipated debut album “Ella Mai” and her singles “Trip” and “Boo’d Up” are topping charts. But what a lot of fans seem to be “Trippin’” on is why Jacquees’ remix to “Trip” was pulled from media. When Jacquees dropped the video to his cover of the song, he immediately gained tons of attention, but when it was mysteriously removed off the face of social media fans pointed the finger at Mai. “Everybody be asking me why I don’t put my mixes and sh*t on Spotify tidal and iTunes and sh*t. This is why,” Mai wrote on Twitter.

Clearing her name, the 23-year-old maintained that she had nothing to do with the decision to remove the song. “I feel like my label made a statement, and there’s not really much else to say about it to be honest,” she explained. “People are gonna take it how they want….People don’t actually know the real ins and outs of the industry.” The singer added, “There was another big thing that was like, ‘oh you started doing covers, so how could you, like, be mad at someone for doing that?’” she continued. “‘Bood’ Up’ had five thousand remixes…It’s just when it comes to someone trying to monetize, then it becomes a different issue on the label side. That’s never going to happen.”

As far as the rumors about her blocking Jacquees on Instagram, she said the two singers never initially followed one another. The London artist also mentioned the alleged sex tape is laughable and that she “thought it was funny that it was so bootlegged.”

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