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Elon Musk Donates Money To Flint Schools To Replace Water Fountains And Filtration Systems

Elon Musk is putting his money where his mouth is and getting clean water for Flint schools.

It’s been a long-time-coming for Flint Community Schools that have been plagued with unfiltered, hazardous water. But last week, billionaire Elon Musk donated money to install new water fountains with filtration systems in every school.

“We are deeply grateful for the generosity and the budding partnership between Flint Community Schools, the Musk Foundation and Elon Musk,” said Flint Community Schools Superintendent Derrick Lopez. “The new water filtration systems will be instrumental in helping our students return to the normalcy of what should be a fundamental right: having access to safe, clean water from water fountains in their school.”

The Flint Water Crisis got its name four years ago after toxins were found in the water; however, the city and other parts of Michigan have been struggling with the issue for nearly a decade. CNN reports, Flint schools will install new ultraviolet water filtration systems for all its water fountains in school buildings thanks to the $480,350 donation, according to the city of Flint.

All fountains and filtration systems will be replaced with new ones in all 12 flint schools by January 2019. “The UV water purification method within the water filtration systems will disinfect all lead and bacteria coming from the water pipes to allow students to drink from and fill up water bottles from school water fountains,” the city of Flint said in a press release.

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