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Emmy Rossum Admits Leaving ‘Shameless’ is ‘Scary and Wonderful’: ‘I Want To Leave Shameless While I Still Love It’

“Fiona Gallagher” is a character “Shameless” lovers have grown to know and admire. Unfortunately, fans will have to face the harsh reality of saying “goodbye” to the strong mother figure.

Emmy Rossum opened up to Shape magazine about her heartwrenching decision to leave the hit Showtime series. The separation is sure to be emotional, but it doesn’t take away from her excitement. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend time writing, directing, and seeing what other characters I want to play. It’s both scary and wonderful,” she said. 

The Gallagher household leader revealed her departure on Facebook back in August. She explained the great differences between herself and “Fiona” while she expressed her pride in “rooting” for her “family” as they’re expected to continue into their tenth season. 

Emmy was previously in the news for having conflicts with renewing her contract for season eight after an equal pay dispute. She had the support of many, including co-star William H. Marcy (Frank Gallagher), who was being paid a significantly higher salary.

There’s no official word on what the three-time Emmy nominated actress has in the works for the future, but she definitely feels the possibilities are endless. Especially with the overwhelming support from the people around her.

“I’m definitely a type A. I’m always overprepared. But I also ask for help when I need it — from my act­ing coach; my cinematography teacher; my husband, Sam. I think confidence comes from working really hard at something and knowing that you can be better at it today than you were yesterday.”

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