Why Did My Ex Block Me On Social Media?

Breakups can be the hardest thing to get through for most people. The relationship either ended badly or was a mutual decision. Regardless of how the relationship came to an end though, some former couples rather leave the relationship null and void.

The type of relationship you had determines the kind of communication you and your ex will have. On one hand, your ex may not want any form of communication, while on the other hand, the two of you could have a great relationship as just friends and nothing more. But, what happens when your ex curves you unexpectedly?

Have you ever decided to reach out to your ex after a break up and find out that you’re blocked? Well, here are a few reasons why he or she has blocked you from their social media.

One reason you may be blocked is because they still care about you. It doesn’t matter who moved on, sometimes the feelings and emotions are still there. To keep you out of sight and out of mind, it’s easier to block you.

Depending on how long you’ve been broken up, you could be blocked due to them trying to recover from the relationship. The breakup could have taken a toll on them and they need the time to get over you. It will be hard for them to see you enjoying life with them, especially if they get married.

Lastly, they could have blocked you due to not liking you. It’s possible that they cannot stand the sight of you because of the hurt and pain caused in a relationship. It’s easier for them to block you from everything so that they cannot see you or relive the pain or to limit the contact.

Being blocked on social media could be a great idea for the both of you. Take it as one step closer to moving on with your personal life without them. Remember, the hurt is only temporary.

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