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Ex-NFL Baller Greg Hardy Indicted For Cocaine Possession


Troubled former NFL baller, Greg Hardy, was indicted on Monday for possession of cocaine in lieu of his September arrest.

Apparently, when officers searched the former defensive end’s car, they found a “purple plastic baggie containing a white pasty substance,” court documents state. Sources say, the estimated weight of the substance, which was later identified as cocaine, was 0.7 grams.

Based on the law in Texas, Hardy could face up to two years or at least 180 days behind bars, in addition to a $10,000 fine.

Additionally, during the search, which Hardy allowed during a traffic stop, officials found remnants of marijuana and several gun membership cards.

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  2. They gon’ do him like O.J.. They gon’ make up for not convicting him for that domestic abuse case.

  3. How come this dude is not strong enough mentally to play and win NFL games and become a super player on the field? It makes you wonder if they just want to be a janitor or a mechanic.

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