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Ex-Slave Who Taught Jack Daniels How to Make Whiskey Will Be Honored With New Foundation

Nearly 143 years after the initial production of Jack Daniels Whiskey, the ex-slave that taught the founder the craft of whiskey distilling is receiving a new honor in the wake of the recent news of his involvement in the Whiskey history.

Last year, a New York Times article about Nathan “Nearest” Green, a slave from Lynchburg, TN who taught Daniels the trade, went viral, sparking the interest of New York Times best-selling author Fawn Weaver. After looking into Green’s story, Weaver launched a foundation in his honor.

“The idea that there were positive stories out there of whites’ and blacks’ working side by side, through and beyond the Civil War, resonated with me,” Weaver said in a statement last week. “I liked the story of Jack Daniel, but Nearest Green’s story and the community at large really stayed with me.”

Weaver is looking to start a museum in Lynchburg through the foundation, highlighting Green’s contribution to Tennessee Whiskey’s history, in addition to a national park, a book on his achievements and a scholarship fund to assist Green’s descendants.

The author also purchased the former home of Dan Call, who kept Green as a slave. At the 313 acre home, Green taught Call’s neighbor, Jack, how to make whiskey. Eventually, Call gave the land up to Jack, which eventually became the first Jack Daniels distillery.

Upon purchasing the land, Weaver found documents that showed Jack and Green’s families working together for decades.

“It was on the Call farm that young Jack became one of the world’s most famous pupils and Uncle Nearest, the greatest teacher in the fine art of distilling Tennessee whiskey,” Weaver said.

In turn, the brand’s president revealed his excitement for Weaver’s efforts.

“Our primary ambition is to do all that should be done to honor the memory and role of Nearest Green and, therefore, we recognize any activity that supports this ultimate goal as worthy,” said Mark McCallum president of Jack Daniel’s Brands

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  2. The guy was called Jack Daniel, not Jack Daniels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Daniel%27s

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