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Ex-Versace Employee Says Store Has Code Word For Black Shoppers

An ex-employee of a Bay Area Versace retail store is blowing the whistle on some discriminatory practices. According to this employee, the location he worked at had a special code word they used whenever African American’s walked in their store.


The employee says a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which was used to let co-workers know a black person was present (i.e. “We have a D410 in Menswear). Ironically that’s also the code for all black shirts in Versace stores.


The employee says that he responded to his manager by saying, “You know that I’m African-American?” and since then he was refused breaks and was fired after just two weeks of working because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life.”


The employee is now suing the company for unpaid wages and damages. Versace denies the allegations and has filed to have the case dismissed in court.

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  1. I believe it! A lot of these stores do not want our business smh sad situation

    • They will take our $$$$ but want to discriminate against us. Smh….

      • You’re right, but if some of us is still so stupid enough to give them our money knowing this, do you think they’re going to turn their collars down and not accept our money!!!! I stopped buying racist designers clothes and shoes. Some Afro-Americans still what I call have thar slave mentality and don’t and won’t take heed to something they’re award of even it’s against there own kind. My sister for one. It’s just plain out ordinary dumb and lack of intelligence to me.

  2. I believe it. A code yes they will because me and my cousins used codes all the time when we didn’t want want others to know what we were talking about. Yes I believe him .oat of the time they do uses codes but they tell on themselves bascilly by showing in their eyes.

  3. I believe they got Cole black everywhere it doesn’t matter where you go where you live what part of town you on and what lifestyle that you have or live. What I’m saying is you got people who have been trying their whole life to judge someone and is not coming from the manager of the store it’s coming from higher up in there just following the rules with the Keith a job and keep that money in their pocket they going to do it and that’s why you have so many people being profiled with the stars from higher up.

  4. This is sad. And we want to spend our money with people that tret us like this. Never buying Versace. Bubye

    • Amen Candice. You and I are on the same track. But remember it’s not only Versace. It’s – Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Hennessy (liqour), Micheal Kors, Versace, Herve Leger, Donna Karan, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, BCBG, Prada and Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, PVH. And I’m sure there’s a whole lot more

      • You just named dam near all designers! Is this a fact or assumption? I for one rock the shit out of polo, but never heard of this. If it holds true, I will burn all hundreds of polos by ralph. LIVE!

    • I don’t by that mess anyway. All that designer shit look crazy anyway.


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