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Ex-WWE Star Says She Won’t Date Black Guys (VIDEO)


Retired WWE wrestler, Cameron, real name Ariane Andrew, says she prefers to date white men over black men.


The “Total Divas” star told TMZ,  that she loves white men, “I actually don’t date black guys,” she tells the paps. She says that she didn’t have a bad experience, she just has “a thing for white boys.”


“A little vanilla and a little chocalaté,” she added. “They make cute babies.”


How do you feel about Andrew’s reasoning?

Watch the video below.

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  1. I don’t said anything

  2. That’s fine leaves more chocolate for me.

    • Andre Caldwell

      That’s absolutely right Lindsay. If she doesn’t have a thing for guys like me I won’t hate her for it. I find someone else for a guy like me.

  3. Sad that she thinks with the slave mind. Oh well she likes what she likes. Trade please!!!

    • She doesn’t have a “slave” mind, what she has is a “preference”. Kim Kardashian is a white girl whose preference is black guys. This is just the opposite, a black girl whose preference is white guys. It’s not a problem, everybody has preferences when it comes to what they find physically attractive.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is so upset about this , black men say they prefer non Black Women all the time, she’s not obligated to like black and vice versa.

  5. As long as you treat me with respect and are not overly rude and obnoxious I can give a hoot who u date you can date a alien from the planet Neptune as long as it doesn’t interfere my business ya dig

  6. Like Jay Z says in the song “On to the next One” too many fish in the sea to be bothered by one person’s preference that’s how you miss the aura of the whole forest too much focus on one tree

  7. Too each their own! God Bless her !

  8. Like the above commentor said well God bless her it doesnt impact my life
    This is totally off the subject but what I want to know is why do people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need to impress who they don’t even know or if they do know you they don’t care

    • Off topic, if she like white bread good for her! Maybe if black females would start taking more white men from these Beckeys we can just call it even. And by all mean keep doing this! Few more decades and we’ll all be brown/tan/beige! Yep, I love that idea!!!! ROFLD LOL LOL LOL
      Since you want to go off topic then tell me why someone would put their last $10 in the offering plate and they still owe on their water bill but made sure they paid that cable in full!

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