As we know the life of an artist is full of press, interviews, lack of sleep, & touring. With the Rebirth being released exactly one month ago debuted on the Billboard charts at lucky number 7. Bobby V has been busy hitting a city near you doing in-stores & performances to promote his album. However, he took the time out to answer a few choice questions for us here on BallerAlert.

Some quick facts on Mr. Valentino:

“Beep” has been on BET’s 106 and Park top 10 since December
“Beep” has already sold over 125,000 digitally and is top 10 at urban radio
Bobby V is the #2 Top Artist on MySpace Music with over 13 million page hits and his music has been streamed a staggering 33 million times!!!
Over his career, Bobby Valentino has sold over 1 million units to date and has several hit singles including “Slow Down”, “Tell Me” and “Anonymous” featuring Timbaland

BA: For those who aren’t abreast of the situation between DTP/Def Jam & yourself, can you elaborate on it, thus giving birth to Blu Kolla Dreams?

BV:I left DTP with nothing but love for Ludacris and Def Jam. I learned a lot from them and felt it was time to take my career into my own hands.

BA: Many of us were first introduced to Bobby V, the singer, in then boy band Mista. Do you still keep in contact with any of the members, if so, could there be talks of a possible reunion album?

BV:I still keep in contact with them. I don’t think there will be a reunion but possibly a track on my next album featuring Mista.

BA:With the industry being so shady these days, as an artist, what do you do to stay true to self & what’s the key to staying relevant?

BV:I keep my family and friends around me to keep me grounded. Hit records keep you relevant, and being out there as much as you possibly can because its too easy to be irrelevant.

BA:With many of your songs on the Rebirth being centered around that special someone, are you currently dating? If so, what type of woman can hold Bobby V. down?

BV: No, I’m currently not dating. A woman that has a job, conversation, is smart and knows how to take care of her man.

BA:When can we expect a tour in which you are the headliner?

BV:When people get out and buy my album!

BA: What is your definition of a fan vs. a groupie & would you date either one?

BV: My definition of a fan is somebody that has the album and knows every song and knows your music and supports you and everything you do. A groupie is someone that just wants to have sex with you so that can go tell their friends about you. Its hard to date a fan or a groupie because they like Bobby V and not Bobby Wilson.

BA:What is the most expensive thing you have ever purchased?

BV:My house in Atlanta.

BA:What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for a girlfriend?

BV:A diamond ring

BA: On the site, one of the girls said you approach them & asked “Who wants to make love to Bobby Valentino”, is that true?

BV:I probably did during a show. I can get very into my lyrics and performance.

BA:What was the craziest thing a groupie has done to get next to you?

BV: Beat up a girl that was next to me!

BA: Are you currently happy as to where you are in your career?

BV:I am very blessed and I am happy but I definitely have bigger goals and aspirations for myself

BA:Is it true that you forgot the words to “Isn’t she lovely” by Stevie Wonder at the Trumpet Awards? If this is true, what happened?

BV: Yes I did, I had been doing a lot of traveling and was really tired so when I was performing I forgot the words. I rehearsed and rehearsed but as soon as I stepped out on the stage my head went blank.

For more on Bobby V check his myspace at : www.myspace.com/bobbyvalentino & www.bobbyvalentino.com

The Rebirth is in stores NOW!!!

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