Exclusive Interview: Doug Christie Dishes On Basketball Wives LA

Exclusive Interview: Doug Christie Dishes On Basketball Wives LA


Baller Alert got the opportunity to interview Doug Christie, retired NBA baller and husband of Basketball Wives LA cast member Jackie Christie. It was pretty interesting to get an insight on Basketball Wives from a husband’s point of view. Speaking of point of view, can I take thirty seconds to bask in the greatness that is this man’s body. Definitely puts hitting my “dougie” in a whole new perspective! I’m not even mad at Jackie! *wipes sweat*


BA: Upon the premiere of Basketball Wives LA, what did you hope that the show would reveal about your relationship with Jackie?

Doug Christie: I know the viewers will get to know Jackie & I better as well as learn a lot about our relationship. I feel like VH1 & Shed Media has done a great job putting all the women together and creating this dynamic cast. 

BA: Do you associate with any of the Basketball Wives LA cast members?

Doug Christie: Yes. We’re all friends. I’ve met them all and some I knew prior a little bit through my wife. 


BA: How would you describe your wife’s character on the show in comparison to the other members of the cast?

Doug Christie: I really don’t know how any of the other cast members are going to be on the show but I think my wife will be the mentor & motherly person so to speak. She has a big heart and cares for everyone. 

BA: Are you allowed to communicate with Draya (since she’s been labeled the groupie of the show)?  

Doug Christie: Of course. The stories out there about my wife tripping about other females are just that, stories made up and otherwise untrue. Now, I will say my wife & I do take our marriage and family very seriously and we never let anything or anyone interfere or come between the two.


BA: Have you received any backlash from other Baller’s regarding your wife doing reality television?

Doug Christie: Never. In fact a few of my friends and team mates asked to be on our show (laughing) they’ve always been real cool with my wife & I. 

BA: What are your overall feelings about the show? 

Doug Christie: Coming in you don’t know what to expect so I was a little apprehensive but now I must say I’ve gotten used to the cameras and it’s all good. 


BA: You and Jackie get married every year, whose idea was that?
Doug Christie: We love doing it. Originally it was both our idea because we got married so fast the first year that we decided to invite all of our family and friends to attend the following year. After that it became our Christie family tradition.

BA: Jackie is depicted as a no nonsense kind of woman, could you share a story about Jackie’s softer side?

Doug Christie: Jackie is the sweetest, kindest, person. She’s the best wife and mother in the world to me and will give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. My wife has taken some heat over the years for standing by her man & family while loving and respecting herself. I hate that she had to go through that but I got her and I tell her everyday how much she means to me and our whole family. She is deeply loved and appreciated. Jackie is my queen. 

BA: Do you fee Jackie is misunderstood by the media? 

Doug Christie: Yes and it’s very unfortunate. She is kind and passionate about life, family, fashion, etc. I commend her for that and who she is.


BA: Besides your appearance on the show, what other endeavors are you currently working on?

Doug Christie: I’m currently writing my third book titled “Mind, Body & Basketball”. Also, I’m in the process of forming a revolutionary athletic performance consulting company with my business partner. In the future you can expect to see a his and hers clothing line with my wife as well. We’re hoping for a fall 2012 launch.



One thing you can definitely tell from this interview is that he genuinely loves and supports his wife. That is the greatest thing to see and I hope I’m lucky enough to find some love like that. Doug might be my favorite basketball husband! lol. For our interview with Jackie Christie click HERE.

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