Exclusive Interview (Tahiry Jose)

Exclusive Interview (Tahiry Jose)


Last week I got the chance to catch up with one of the industries hottest models Tahiry Jose to get to know more about her. A lot of people may know her from her relationship with rapper Joe Budden. Well I got to know more about from her relationship with a well known DJ, how she deals with begin single to what she is looking for in a guy. So guys might want to listen up. She also gave a tips to young women who want to become a model.

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I’ve seen you in various different magazines and photoshoots; it must take a lot of confidence and characteristics to do those. What do you do to stay on point and make sure you have all those things?

“Pretty much as a woman we women have little insecurities no matter how perfect or how much you prepare for these shoot. I pretty much just jump out the window I know that it’s either do or die when I get there I just do cause I can’t die. I just try to stay on top because it’s very important for me to say that I’m a regular woman and human begin like eat a whole lot sometimes so when I do have these projects I try to prepare myself a month or 2 weeks in advance, or if I have a date I will just go to the gym heavy. That is when I go into training which is working out at least four days a week, eating healthy and drinking a lot of water. Pretty much I take care of myself facials and gyms things that everybody do.”

I heard you mention that you are a normal woman you’re no different. I have seen you on some photo spreads, calendars, videos etc. …What would you say is the difference between you on and off camera?

“Same person you see on camera (Laughs)I come from the internet world so we have come up with this little tittle for me which is the “internet maven” and the beauty about new media and the internet is that your able to upload a lot of things up without having to run it by anybody. The internet is huge when I started I was in a relationship with Joe Budden and we put up clips that were raw and un-cut so what you see is what you get. I’m loud when I need to be, I’m educated I have a huge personality, I’m everything that you see online. Even when I’m on a shoot talking to somebody, going in on my ex- boyfriend, to where I’m talking business if I have to I’m very much what you see nothing different.”

I love to hear that because sometimes people can be playing two different people that’s why I like to ask that, I like that you keep it real and you’re always the same.


“What you see is what you get sometimes I’m like Oh My God people are going to see my insanity but then again it’s me either you love me or you leave me alone.”

(Laughs) Exactly your insanity is a part of you.

“Everything I’m kind of crazy (Laughs) in a good way.”

You have been in modeling for a while now, who would you say inspired you to start, or was it just something that happened?

“With me it was something that happened two years ago but before that I remember watching videos which were very big then I would see people like Melyssa Ford , Coco was really big when I was in high school and college. These were some of the women I seen and it was OMG I want to do that but that was back then, then you fast forward years and two years ago here I ‘am.”

Now you kind of spoke on you being educated, so you went to college what did you major in?

“Yes I have an education (Laugh), I have a bachelors in Criminal Justice actually Arts & Criminal Justice.”

Great, I love to hear from educated women because people can judge you sometime but you got yours (Laughs).


“Absolutely as a bartender I got judge working in strip clubs and guys would come in and we were all their but we had different paths we all had different goals in life. I remember someone talk down to me or saying what am I doing there because I do have an education or not knowing that I have one and being surprised that I have one. We all have choices and my choice was to love the nightlife and enjoy what I did even though I had a plan B which is a college degree.”

On another note we briefly talked about your relationship with Joe Budden, recently I was watching Vald TV and I heard you discussing your relationship with DJ Prostyle which I had no idea about.

“Oh God (Laughs)”


“DJ Prostyle was my boyfriend almost married maybe about eight years ago. We were kids he was very big in Orlando I happen to had just graduated college or almost graduated. We had mutual friends and we begin to long distance date. Then we said let’s do this lets go hard so I moved we were together for two years I was his live in girlfriend almost marriage but the relationship didn’t work out.”


“He is amazing he’s a great individual, very fun, comes from a great family and very smart to. He’s also very driven because I remember him talking about wanting to be in New York. I actually remember when he moved here and it didn’t go so well but look at him now, I drove by the other day and I saw a billboard of his faced. I just remembered when we were in Orlando we would go around and say one day we would conquer the world. (Laughs)”

Okay, now getting to know you more I know you said that sometimes you like to eat a lot. What are things that you do in your free time?

“I love to eat, I love to drink I’m a bartender at heart I bartend for seven years so when I have time I make drinks for my friends. I love to go out to eat because I don’t have time to cook anymore believe it or not because my schedule is crazy I call myself this woman living two lives so probably if I’m not enjoy time with the girls or anything like that I’m running errands. Then I’m preparing for a shoot or to go away and host a party its always work with me.”

Begin beautiful and begin a model I know that there are a lot of guys that must approach you. Now are you single?


“I ‘am single.”

What type of guys do you like?

“Uh..man what I’m looking for now somebody with a great sense of humor laughing is the key to my heart. Somebody who is about his business I don’t care what you do, he has to be into his profession no matter if its music, mechanic to a little league softball coach. It really doesn’t matter because I’m attracted to powerful men somebody who is very good at their craft or a creative individual. He has to be about his business and then funny at the same time, looks don’t matter if you look at the guys I’ve dated none of them have anything in common expect music and that just so happens to be that way. Other than that their very dedicated, driven, smart and their funny as hell.”

Yeah, I know you spoke about dating Joe Budden he is quite funny.

“He’s quite intense (Laughs). Needless to say he really really makes me laugh.”

Now how long did you date Joe?

“I was with Joe for five years.”

Wow that pretty long but I see is that you’re not one to really just date you like relationships.

“I’m trying to learn how to date, right now I compare my dating life to a kid that gets on their bike and hasn’t rode it in a while and then realizes she needs training wheels. (Laughs) Because I come from relationships with Joe it was five years before, Joe it was two years, before that I dated somebody for six years on and off and between that if I dated you it was for a year and a half. It’s never been I just see you Wam Bam thank you ma you fly in that’s just not me. I’m trying to learn how to date without rolling back into another relationship but I know me, and then I don’t have the time to give it 100% it’s pretty difficult.”

I see you come from years of relationships so I see how you could be having trouble, because at this point you just want to find someone to have fun with.

“Yeah, the whole dating thing where I see you Wednesday and see you again Saturday I’m trying and not having the time to put in a relationship is also difficult. Then it comes to where I’m at right now dating a regular guy is a problem because their intimidated or you might end up on WorldStar (Laughs) and dating somebody in the industry they’re too busy or your one of twenty (Laughs) it’s pretty difficult I’m in a gray area right now.”


Now how do you maintain all of this trying date, photoshoots etc.?

“I have a huge planner where I write even when to call my parents (laughs) just begin organized and my manger she keeps me a float. When it comes to dating when I do have the time I catch a flick with someone or have some dinner or I have to have someone that will come hanging out me while I’m working. Pretty music I get up every morning pray and be happy that I able to do what I’m doing.”

I know that there are a lot for girls out there who see the models like you and say I want be like that, what would say to them?

“There is nothing wrong with that I seen girl on TV and said one day I’m going to do that there is nothing wrong with that at all. You just have to be clear on what you’re trying to do and where you’re trying to go and have a plan B. Plan B is very important because you may need something to fall back on if all else fails. Respect yourself, believe in yourself, handle your handle and have a plan B.”

Now where can people find you and what do you have coming up?

You can follow me on Twitter @TheRealTahiry, you can check out my website where you can find my calendar. I have a work out line coming called F.I.T., I also have a t-shirt coming at Naked Angels so stay tune.


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