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Ezekiel Elliott Loses Six-Game Suspension Appeal; NFL Will Allow Him to Play Week One


As Texas reclaims a sense of normalcy and prepares for football season, one set of fans will not be seeing their prized running back on the field for at least six games if the NFL has anything to do with it.

Ezekiel Elliott appealed his six-game suspension in relation to his alleged 2016 domestic assault accusation, however, that appeal was in vain.

The NFL upheld Zeke’s suspension Tuesday, after an arbitration hearing at the league’s headquarters in New York.

TMZ reports, “NFL-appointed arbitrator, Harold Henderson, handed down the verdict … after hearing Elliott’s case from a team led by Jeffrey Kessler — the lawyer who’s represented the NFLPA on several landmark appeals.”

Zeke testified on his own behalf, but Henderson did not allow Elliott’s accuser, Tiffany Thompson, to testify.

According to Zeke’s legal team, they are “extremely disappointed with Mr. Henderson’s inability to navigate through league politics, and follow the evidence and, most importantly, his conscience.” Although the NFL upheld Zeke’s suspension, the battle is far from over. The next step is federal court.

But for the loyal fans of America’s team, the star running back will not be benched, immediately. According to NFL.com, the league is allowing Zeke to play Sunday against the New York Giants due to timing of the judge’s decision.

“In the absence of a ruling from Mr. Henderson at the outset of the hearing, the judge indicated his desire to have the appropriate time to consider all legal issues before making a ruling,” the league said in a statement, explaining the reason behind their decision to allow Zeke to face off against the team’s division rivals. “To that end, the judge asked counsel whether it was prepared to allow Mr. Elliot’s suspension, if upheld, to begin after week one allowing him time to make that ruling. In deference to the judge, the NFL counsel agreed that Mr. Elliot would be permitted to play this weekend regardless of the timing of the decision. When the decision was issued, the judge advised that in light of the league’s agreement, he would allow additional filings and make his decision by Friday.”

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