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Farrah Abraham Takes A Stab At Nicki Minaj Following Twitter Fight

Former 16 & Pregnant star, Farrah Abraham is firing shots at Nicki Minaj, after the rapper initiated a feud with her on Twitter over the weekend. 

The entire incident began when Nicki Minaj was live-tweeting her reaction to re-run episodes of the reality show. Nicki tweeted Farrah, calling her a cunt for mistreating her mother on television and criticized her for doing porn. The two exchanged words for a bit and according to Farrah, she’s completely done with Nicki. 

Farrah, who is now 24,  tells TMZ that her 6-year old daughter is no longer allowed to listen to Nicki Minaj’s music. “They already have little girls asking for butt injections and wanting to color their hair crazy,” she says.  She also believes that Nicki Minaj’s trash talk was super disrespectful to single mothers who are just trying to do their best. “She’s dead to me … that mess,” Farrah says in regards to Nicki Minaj. According to TMZ, Farrah also suggest Nicki Minaj focus on her “rapist brother.”

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