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Federal Prosecutors Request Early Prison Release For D.C. Drug Kingpin, Rayful Edmond, For Snitching

On Friday, federal prosecutors requested an early prison release for a notorious D.C. drug kingpin who spearheaded a cocaine ring in the ‘80s that officials said helped fuel the city’s crack epidemic.

According to the Washington Post, in a nine-page filing, prosecutors said Rayful Edmond III had been in cahoots with the government for nearly two decades, “assisting in the conviction of extremely violent individuals, assisting in the conviction of ongoing narcotics trafficking, and assisting in the intuition of prison reforms.” 

Apparently, Edmond helped officials understand the ins-and-outs of the drug trade, in an attempt to catch other dealers in their tracks. From 1997 to 2014, Edmond, who is currently serving life without parole, plus an additional 30, for federal drug distribution and dealing behind bars, respectively, cooperated with officials.

“The defendant’s cooperation has been both deep and wide,” the filing read. “At bottom, the defendant has made a significant contribution to the investigation and prosecution of others.” 

According to the publication, Edmond orchestrated an operation that moved over 1,650 pounds of cocaine a month into and through the D.C. area in the ‘80s, bringing in about $2 million a week. Like many notorious criminals, Edmond was revered, feared and flashy, and often mentioned in movies and rap lyrics. But now, after over three decades behind bars and two decades of telling, prosecutors believe the 54-year-old should be given a second chance. 

“Mr. Edmond’s story is one of transformation and redemption,” said his most recent attorney, Jason Downs. “He is cautiously optimistic that his case is now moving in a fair and just direction. He has paid his debt to society, with interest.”

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